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Important Information about burials

If you are looking to purchase a funeral plan for a burial, below are some of the things that you should know. Of course, if you have any questions, please just ask.

Items not covered by burial plans

There are a number of items that are not covered by our burial plans because they may not be required for every burial, and because there is a wide variation in costs and regulations in the UK for cemeteries, churchyards or graveyards.

Items that are not covered include, but are not limited to:

  • The purchase of a grave in the set burial plan.

  • Multiple interment fees incurred when the set burial plan holder is not eligible for burial as a resident under the criteria specified by the local authority who operate the chosen cemetery. Only the standard single interment fee is included, therefore a tailor-made plan would need to be taken out if you are not a resident within the local council.

  • The cost of memorials and headstones, including the repair, cleaning, re-fixing or additional inscriptions.

Purchasing a grave

If you already own a grave, you will hold the grave deeds, please detail these when arranging your burial plan. Our funeral plans for burial do not cover the cost of purchasing a grave. If you do not own a grave, then you or your representative will need to purchase one from the local authority responsible for your chosen cemetery before a burial can take place.

Many people prefer to purchase a grave in advance as this often allows them to choose a particular grave and guarantees that they will be buried in the cemetery of their choice. However, in addition to the grave purchase fee, specifying a particular grave may incur a selection fee. Your Co-operative funeral director will be able to advise whether your local authority offers this service and how to go about purchasing a grave in your area.

If you do not already own a grave and do not plan to pre-purchase one, your representative will need to purchase a grave separately at the time of making funeral arrangements. This will of course be dependent on the availability of grave spaces at the time.

Temporary grave markers

In many cemeteries it is customary to place a temporary marker on the grave after the burial takes place, particularly if a headstone is to be erected later. The charge for this is covered within your plan. However if a burial is to take place in a natural burial site, no marker is permitted of any type.

Availability of grave spaces

The availability of grave spaces in churchyards and graveyards is not guaranteed within your burial plan and will be dependent upon the situation at the time of your funeral. We will, of course, do everything possible to ensure that your wishes are met or that reasonable alternative arrangements are made if necessary.

Finding out more about a tailor-made plan

If you have any further questions about your funeral plan, or you have a tailor-made plan and would like to amend it in any way, we’d be happy to help