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Important information about cremations

We understand that the choice between burial and cremation is a very personal one. It may be influenced by factors such as family tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has passed away. So to help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together what we think you need to know, before you choose. 

What is a crematorium?

A crematorium is the building where cremations are held. It is the main alternative to holding a funeral in church. In a crematorium there is a space to hold a service, and if there is a garden, there will be the option to scatter ashes or plant a tree.

The service

If you choose a cremation, one of the first things to decide is what sort of service you would like and where to hold it. You might want to hold it at the crematorium or, if you prefer, you can hold the service in another place, like a church, and then have a shorter service called a ‘committal’ at the crematorium. The duration of the service varies between crematoria but it typically lasts 45 minutes, which allows time for people to enter the chapel, hold the service and leave. If you feel you will need a longer period of time, it is possible to book the following service time for an additional charge.

Unattended services

If you’d prefer not to hold a funeral service for friends and family, you can always choose a simple cremation without any attendees. The funeral director will arrange the time and date of the cremation, with all fees, documentation and liaising with third parties included in the price. A simple coffin and ashes scattered in the peaceful Garden of Remembrance, or returned to friends and family, is also included.


Cremation fees at a local crematorium are covered by your plan. The plan also covers the cost for a Minister or Officiant to perform the service at the crematorium.

Regulations for cremations

There are restrictions about what may be cremated with the person who has passed away - for example materials such as some metals are forbidden. If you would particularly like an item to stay with your loved one you can speak to your funeral director.