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Our funeral plans

Making funeral arrangements simpler

What is a set funeral plan?

Our set plans are here to make everything as straightforward as possible by offering fixed services that can’t be changed, at a set price. It means you can simply select an option that suits your needs and know exactly what you can expect. However, you can always upgrade your set plan at a later date and just pay the difference in the plan prices at the time you upgrade.

Your choice of set funeral plans

All of our funeral plans are fully guaranteed which means that when the time comes, you won’t pay a penny more, no matter how much prices have risen. They’re also available without any medical or health questions and with no upper age limit. As standard, our funeral plans include:

  • All funeral director’s fees and services
  • Hearse & personnel
  • Cremation or a single interment fee
  • Family support
  • Ministers fees



An unattended funeral with a simple coffin, private transport & personnel required for the funeral.



A simple coffin provided with a hearse and the personnel required to arrange and conduct the funeral.



Our great value for money, funeral plan option that includes: A simple styled oak veneered coffin.



An affordable plan that includes all of the essential services including a limousine and a polished oak veneered coffin.



Our comprehensive option, including two limousines and a high quality coffin.

What happens next?

Once your application has been completed we will send you a documents folder which includes two copies of your funeral plan.