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Memorials for burial and cremation

The tailor-made memorial masonry plan

Simply take out one of our memorial masonry plans by contacting your local Co-operative funeral director


New memorials

If you decide to arrange a new memorial, you can do this whenever you like. Just get in touch with your local Co-operative Funeralcare service to begin a tailor-made memorial masonry plan. When you attend your appointment you’ll get all the advice you need on Local Authority regulations, the different types of headstone, inscriptions and designs permitted in the cemetery or churchyard you’ve chosen to be buried in.

You can discuss your preferred memorial service and the payment options for your memorial masonry plan with the funeral director.

Burial memorials

We are here for everyone’s needs and requests. We have a wide range of natural stone burial memorials, accessories and specialist services, such as:

  • Polished granite memorials
  • Rustic memorials
  • Marble memorials
  • Kerb sets
  • Memorials for churchyards
  • Vases
  • Lettering and inscriptions
  • Photo plaques
  • Bronzes
  • Statues

Please note that the above list is subject to the rules and regulations of your chosen cemetery or churchyard.

Existing memorials

Removal and re-fixing of an existing memorial

Sometimes an existing headstone may need to be removed before and replaced after a burial. The funeral director will have discussed this with you if you have a tailor-made funeral plan. If they need to use a monumental mason to do this, the charge for this will already be included within your plan. If you have a set burial plan, the cost of removing and re-fixing an existing headstone will be charged separately.

Additional inscriptions and cleaning of an existing memorial

You can arrange for an existing memorial to be cleaned or inscribed whenever you like. Simply take out a separate tailor-made memorial masonry plan, where a full range of payment options is available for you to choose from. Your local funeral director will give you all the details you need.

Cremation memorials

People like to pay their respects in many ways. You can include cremation plaques, rose planting, tree planting and benches in your chosen crematorium. Just speak to your funeral director for more information.

How to arrange a plan for a memorial

If you would like to arrange a tailor-made memorial masonry plan, you can do so by speaking to your local Co-operative funeral director. If you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone, call our Funeral Planning team on 01543 887 631. They’ll provide you with all the information you need to start your new plan or talk you through other memorial services you may be interested in.